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My creative process functions as a tool to reshape the metaphysical foundations of our limited awareness. Specifically, I strive to visualize what the Italian philosopher Federico Campagna describes as the 'radical elsewhere'—a rejection of the troubling and painful reality in which we find ourselves trapped. I primarily illustrate this liberating concept in the medium of oil paint, unveiling my own interconnected forms within expansive dreamscapes. These are inspired by reality but do not strictly adhere to the laws of perspectival space. Radical elsewhere, to me, is an aesthetic world where great universal mysteries stay enchanted, and where not every question is presented with an immediate answer. 


I often describe my visual interpretation of radical elsewhere as Baroque futurism, marked by intricate ornamentation within architectural foundations, while also tiptoeing on the fringes of science fiction. My aim is to inspire a pursuit of unified and harmonious design, rejecting contemporary cultural sterility. Drawing inspiration from Islamic art and mosque architecture, I utilize intricate geometry to express the ineffable, creating narratives woven with our shared humanity.

Expanding on this thematic foundation, my recent compositions unfold on a grand scale, offering a visceral, tangible experience throughout the creative process. Within this expansive canvas, symbolic manifestations of the mind take shape as conjured clouds, transforming the artworks into contemplative spaces that invite viewers on an immersive journey through an expansive and infinite dreamscape. My artistic practice is further enriched by a dedication to plein air painting, enabling me to absorb and reshape my immediate reality to craft a setting capable of embracing my imagined motifs.

As artists, we are world builders, projecting our minds eye out into our perceived reality. It is with both a sense of deep responsibility and an endless sense of experimentation that I take on this role. To change our world, we must first alter the reality that defines it. This is the power of visual art—an avenue to transcend initial perceptions and challenge what is believed to be possible. Through my artistic endeavors, I remain committed to reaching towards the ineffable, transcending the limits of expression.


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